West Park International Music Festival 2021

New York Music Tower Studio invites music fans, singers and bands to attend and/or participate in the upcoming West Park International Music Festival. 
Please feel free to review some of the musicians who participated previous Festivals: https://newyorkmusictower.com/video 
West Park International Music Festival is an opportunity for local and foreign musicians to perform music on the Upper West Side neighborhood of New York City. The Music Festival will include Pop, Soul, Funk, and many more contemporary music genres. This musical showcase will be on Saturday, October 19th, from 7:00 - 10:30 pm. Performers will be given a two song slot. Auditions are presently open for this momentous event. Please note that there is a small participation fee, however, the compensation outweighs it several fold. We will provide video footage to all artists that participate . Also we will be providing a prize of a Crystal Globe Awards for best performance.

Our Mission: We aim to increase the profile of our participants by making sure their work attracts the attention it deserves. New York Music Tower studio is also envisioned as a place where like-minded people can develop friendships and relationships to help them build upon the creativity and experience of others. As our membership grows, so does the strength of the bonds we fashion. The goal is an environment for professional musicians as well as casually shared creative tips — fertile soil for the seeds of your future success… 

Sincerely, WEST PARK International Music Festival 2019 
Producers: Berik Kulmamirov and Dion Thompson
West Park Presbyterian Church 165 West 86th Street, New York, NY 10024 

Crystal Globe Awards at West Park International Music Festival.